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Barbell Strength
+ Accessories

The greatest tool for strength development

You don't need all the fancy equipment to get strong or make progress. 

Get creative with the barbell to build strength AND muscle.


Squat. Push. Pull. Hinge.

Use your favorite tool in simple + effective + fun ways that will get you stronger AND more jacked. 

Who it's for

This program is made for the functional fitness OR globo gym athlete who loves lifting weights the most, especially the barbell compounds lifts. They want their focus to be on muscle growth + strength gain, and they mainly want to use a barbell to do so.

What you get

- 5 days per week of 60- 90 minute barbell focused strength + accessory workouts 

- Video demonstration and complete exercise library with cues for each movement 

- Sets, reps, tempo, and rest breaks for each movement programmed

- Access to Margaret through TrueCoach if you have questions or are struggling with a movement

The goal of the program

- Become stronger and more proficient in the main barbell lifts 

- Use barbell based accessories to grow muscle and increase overall strength

What you need

-Barbell + plates

-Squat Rack

-Bench/Incline Bench

-Light, medium, and heavy band tension

What it costs

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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