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Map Of Alagaesia And Beyond

North and south, and more importantly east and west, of this continent are all unknown territory. To the west is (as usual in fantasy novels) an unexplored ocean, possibly with other land on the far side. To the east is wasteland, beyond the Hadarac Desert, and finally inhabitable country. We know that this doesn't count as Alagaesia, and that it's inhabitable, because in the final book

Map Of Alagaesia And Beyond

I am convinced that Alalia is somewhere south of Alagaesia with an ocean between them. In addition, beyond the Handarak dessert it may by other civilazations with humans, dwarfs or even, forgotten dragons. Now to the north, somewhere the Du Weldenvarden forest must end, and I imagine over there a volcanic place with lava mountains or a huge grassland like the land that Eragon and Brom crossed after the Udgarnd mountain. I can't imagine whats beyond the sea west of Alagaesia but it might be some islands like the Canarians somewhere over there.

WhenArya accepted the Yawë, she became one of the few elves to venture beyond theborders of Du Weldenvarden, and she earned the disfavor of her mother, QueenIslanzadí, by doing so. Arya, along with her guardians Fäolin and Glenwing,became the courier of the one dragon egg that had been recovered by Brom and Jeod,and spent many years transporting the egg back and forth between Osilon and FarthenDûr. Through Arya's actions, the elves maintained an alliance with the Varden,while not openly supporting it.

When I finished the first book I was beyond excited to hear that the second book was out. However, my library didn't have it yet. That didn't stop me though, I actually begged my mom to get it for me. She didn't even hesitate. I was finally asking for a book. My local librarian promised to order each new one in the series as they were released and she called me each time one arrived. I can't even tell you how sad I was when I realized "Enter the Zombie" was the last in the series. I almost ripped my own head off!

Ulgarth is a large kingdom located east of the Golden Water, beyond Durpar and Var the Golden. For this reason, it is sometimes counted as part of the Shining Lands region. However, the nation has a notably different character to the three nations of the Shining Lands, leading to it being counted apart.

Konigheim is the most militant of the three kingdoms and has the strongest Northman influence. The realm remains militant, most likely due to its proximity to the far northern border of the Yikarian Empire, the hostile yak-men who effectively bar overland travel between Faerûn and Zakhara. Konigheim has anomalous borders, including what appears to be lands in the far north-western corner of Sempadan Forest, despite its distance to the south-east, beyond the World Pillar Mountains. It is possible magical gateways link locations with Konigheim (and possibly Edenvale) with that region, as otherwise the distances and geographical obstacles would seem to complicate, if not prohibit, easy access and travel.

Keltormir filled the immense forest that, in those days, extended from the Bowl of the Gods in the north (modern Amn) south almost to the Shining Sea and inland towards the Lake of Steam, beyond which lay the Kingdoms of the Three Leaves (Eiellûr, Thearnytaar and Syòrpiir). Far to the south-east lay the dark elven kingdom of Ilythiir, whilst to the north (in what is now the Western Heartlands) lay Shantel Othreier and, beyond that, in what is now the High Moor, was Miyeritar. North-east, in the High Forest, lay Aryvandaar and west, along the Sword Coast North, was Illefarn.

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle might be subjected to numerous theories and suppositions. But in spite of scientific evidence and the mythical aura surrounding the oceanic arena, its continued mysterious existence is a testimony that certain phenomena in the world are far beyond the control of human beings.


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