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Radiology For The Dental Professional, 9e Download Pdf

Finally, providing dental radiographs as a routine service can create significant income for a veterinary practice. However, veterinarians and technicians (nurses) receive little to no training in veterinary dental radiology. Therefore, there is a steep learning curve involved in mastering these techniques. This text aims to bridge that knowledge gap in an easily understandable fashion. Supported by numerous images, this book will lead veterinary professionals through the various aspects of veterinary dental radiography.

Radiology For The Dental Professional, 9e Download Pdf


The quality of a radiograph depicted by geometric and visual characteristics, in turn also depends on the quality of image receptors. Image receptors in dentistry have seen an enormous evolution trend from conventional x-ray films to the current generation of digital image receptors. The development of cost-effective image receptors is established in various types of imaging procedures. The current article provides an insight into the image receptors used in dental radiology.


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