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Matthew Diaz

Pod Payable On Death Album Download [BETTER]

A few weeks after the official track listing was announced, the album's lead single was posted online for streaming in September 2003. The first million copies of Payable on Death included a bonus PlayStation 2 DVD. This features a 50-minute documentary titled "Inside P.O.D. Culture" as well as an exclusive demo level of the video game Amplitude.[15] The level allows players to remix an exclusive P.O.D. song titled "Space", using its individual tracks.[16] Also included is a key to a website that allowed fans to download "Space".

Pod Payable On Death Album Download


(New York, NY) - P.O.D.'s new studio album, Murdered Love (Razor & Tie), is available now in exclusive pre-order bundles at The new album is set for release on July 10th and features the first single, "Lost In Forever" - available for download on iTunes HERE. The song is getting a great reception at radio with support coming in over 40 markets across various formats including Active/Mainstream/Alternative and Christian. In just two weeks "Lost In Forever" is already Top 25 at Active Rock and top 20 at Christian Rock.


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