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3.15. Around 2,540 respondents who disagreed went on to make a comment, with 7 in 10 commenting that 16 years old is too young to be able to apply for and obtain legal recognition of their acquired gender. A wide range of further issues were raised in support of this view, with many of them centring around 16 being too young to make a life-changing decision. For example, it was suggested that 16 and 17-year olds are often still going through puberty and, as discussed further below, they may not yet be clear about their gender identity or sexuality. It was also suggested that the brain does not mature fully until people are in their mid-twenties. Respondents also commented on life experience and suggested that a 16 or 17-year-old simply does not know what it would be like to live as an adult in the gender that is the same as their birth sex.

3.36. As at Question 5, it was suggested that teenagers will still be going through puberty and may not yet be clear about their gender identity or sexuality. For younger children, it was suggested that this is simply too young to be thinking about gender identity, let alone deciding to change gender. Around 1 in 7 suggested that even if a child does think they are trans, they are likely to come to a different conclusion as they mature. Specifically, it was suggested that the overwhelming majority of children who experience gender dysphoria will not carry those feelings into adulthood, and most of those children, if left alone, will turn out to be gay, lesbian or bi-sexual as adults. 041b061a72


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