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Facebook Pages App Faq

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages (or informational hubs) enable your business to respond, react, and anticipate the needs of your audience more quickly and appropriately than other types of destination page experiences.

facebook pages app faq

Like Instagram stories, Facebook stories are another way individual users and business pages can connect with their friends and followers. Stories are short pieces of content that are visible for just 24 hours. After 24 hours, the stories disappear from the newsfeed.

Set up your privacy settings. Personalize your profile. Like and follow public pages. Review your timeline. Add friends on Facebook. Post on Facebook. Add photos and videos. Connect with friends. Review your newsfeed. Discover additional Facebook features.

To chat with your friends or public pages on Facebook, use Facebook Messenger. You can access it by tapping the Messages button at the top right corner of any Facebook page or selecting the Messages button on the left sidebar of the home page.

So, why should Facebook bots matter to marketers? For starters, Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users. And since bots are a form of artificial intelligence, their natural language capabilities will undoubtedly get smarter over time. From the perspective of the customer, bots make the shopping and customer support processes much smoother, eliminating the need to scroll through pages and pages of product choices or talk on the phone with a customer service rep. In fact, a HubSpot Research report found that 47% of people are interested in buying items from a bot.

There are plug-ins to integrate each social app individually including Twitter Tab, InstaTab, Youtube Tab, Pinterest Tab. These are ideal for businesses who have one or two primary social pages aside from Facebook that they maintain. There are also a few different applications that can be added to your site to add social pages (and much more!)

Using Shortstack your business can create beautiful contests, and sweepstakes (along with a ton of other options like forms and landing pages). You are then able to embed this content directly to Facebook and other social platforms to increase customer participation.

Another app your business can use is Woobox. This app allows you to create sweepstakes and contests and place them directly on your Facebook page. They also offer innovative ways to design and create these entry forms by having features like photo and video contests, prize claim pages, and hashtag contest entries.

I am trying to set up multiple different forms and I want them each to have a custom tab on our facebook page. The forms will be applications to be a pet foster parent - and each organization that we are supporting has a slightly different form. How would I have multiple forms (from jotform) on our page on different custom tabs?

...Once I have used Jotform to make a tab for one of my forms on a specific Facebook page, then if I try to do it again on the same Facebook page with a different form, the Facebook I used before is no longer an option in the list of pages to add the form to.

Have you tried merge page option. Create a new page for your app and then name it to be exactly like the page where you have all the likes. Now goto this page (with likes) and edit details -> resources and click on merge pages.

"Most companies use social media to react to customers, but we're trying to flip that model," said Riley Gibson, CEO of Napkin Labs. "The Brainstorm app brings engaging with customers on Facebook to a whole new level, because it gives companies a really simple way to proactively ask for suggestions and ideas right within their Facebook pages. The Netflix fiasco is a great example of what companies can avoid by using Facebook to get feedback from customers."


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