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Strength + Conditioning

Simple + Effective

One hour is all you need.

10 minute warm ups.

30 minutes to strengthen and develop skill.

20 minutes to get your heart rate up.






The only movements you will need to build strength using only a barbell, dumbbells and your body weight.

Built on the Basics


Who this program is for 

Built for the athlete who has limited time and wants to involve both strength building + cardiovascular activity in their training.


Your goal isn't necessarily strength or muscle growth, but instead you want your time in the gym to make your day to day life easier, and you want to make sure you are spending your time wisely to achieve that goal.

The goal of the

- Use your time wisely in the gym and keep things simple + effective

-build proficiency in both bodyweight movements and barbell lifts to increase overall strength 

- Get your heart rate up to get that endorphin rush

What you get

- 5 days per week of 60 minute strength + conditioning workouts 

- Built in warm ups

- Video demonstration and complete exercise library with cues for each movement 

- Scales + progressions for each bodyweight movement involved so you make progress safely

-Weekly feedback within TrueCoach from Margaret on movements you are struggling with or have questions about. 

What you need

For Strength:

-Barbell + plates

-Squat Rack


-Pull up bar 

-A set of rings

For Conditioning:

-Light/Medium/Heavy Dumbbells

-Bike and/or Row Erg


-An 18-20 inch box

What it costs

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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