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Bodybuilding for Functional

Muscle is 

Limiting yourself to movements found only in 'functional' fitness is inhibiting the progress you want to make toward your dream physique.

Strength is Functional

'Function' simply means movements that are found in day to day life:





Getting better + stronger at these movement patterns requires training the individual muscles involved in them.

Who this program
is for

You are a member of a CrossFit Box or a Strength + Conditioning gym, but you're feeling like your physique isn't where you want it. You know you want to spend more time lifting weights, but aren't sure where to start.

You are a member of a standard globo gym that loves 'functional' movement patterns but has a hard time being creative and keeping it interesting. You want to work on muscle growth and strength development using simple and effective techniques.

What you get

The goal of the program

-Intentionally build muscle in your shoulders, legs, butt, back, arms, and torso for your dream athletic physique.

-Get stronger at pressing, pulling, and squatting so you can move heavier weights during your faster paced workouts

-Use different movements not found in functional fitness to get better at functional fitness.

**This is NOT CrossFit. There is nothing in this program that requires you to do anything for time.

-  5 days per week of 60 minute simple + effective bodybuilding workouts that focus on gaining pushing, squatting, pulling, and hingeing strength

- Each exercise comes with sets, reps, and recommended rest breaks

- Video demonstration and access to complete exercise library with cues for each movement 

- Scales + progressions for each bodyweight movement involved so you make progress safely

 - 24/7 access to Margaret through TrueCoach if you have questions

What you need

-Full Set of Dumbbells and/or kettlebells


-Full set of plates

-Squat Rack


-Pull up bar 

-A set of rings

-A GHD or 45º back extension machine

-Light, medium, and heavy band tension 

What it costs:

  • 75$
    Every month

Start any time, cancel any time.

Functional Bodybuilding Checkout
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