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  • What equipment do I need?
    It depends on the progam you choose! Generally speaking, being a member of a CrossFit 'Box' style gym OR a globo gym means you will have all the equipment you need. If you are participating in my bodyweight bodybuilding program, you will need a few extra supplies or at least the willingness to do a little improvising to make sure the movement pattern stays the same.
  • How long do the workouts typically take?
    Anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Lower body days tend to take longer because I want you to rest enough to be able to put forth max effort each set; upper body tends to go a little bit faster.
  • Do I need prior lifting experience to be successful with your programs?
    Not at all! Some barbell experience is helpful for my Bodybuilding for Functional Athletes, Barbell Strength, and Strength + conditioning programs, but not necessary. As long as you are willing to take the time to learn safe movement patterns before you start cranking the weight, you will be fine! *The gymnastics bodybuilding program is made for people who generally have higher proficiency, but again, scaling is always doable. Each exercise in the program comes with scaling options and how to progress.
  • What if I am unfamiliar with the movement that is programmed?
    There is a video attached to each exercise that explains what you should be doing with your body and how it should feel; if you have further questions or something just isn't feeling right or doesn't make sense, you can send me a message through TrueCoach or post a video of the movement you are struggling with and I will give you feedback.
  • What app do you use to keep track of programming?
    TrueCoach! You can set up your account so you can get an email each day you have a workout. It also tracks movements and weights you use so you can look back at how much you've improved. TrueCoach for Apple TrueCoach on Google Play
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