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DIY Vidock Setup 1.x: The Ultimate Tool for eGPU Users

A recent 3.0 version of Diy Vidock Setup has been released, 2.8.2.x. Read the following entry to make sure you are using the correct version. Below is a walkthrough on how to install a GTX 670 eGPU for use with a Dell Precision M4500 laptop on Windows 10.

Diy Vidock Setup 1.x Download


Next, you will need to use Diy Vidocks setup to create an eGPU hard disk partition, and to copy the bootloader into that partition. To do this, find the file diyvidock.txt, and scroll down to the Partition section.

From here, to gain access to the Windows installation media, go into setup and insert the CD or USB media into the appropriate drive. I used a USB 2.0 drive on my system (not recommended, but necessary due to how the eGPU loads Windows before checking for a clean boot). I gave it an arbitrary name when prompted.

When setup is complete, reboot the system and boot into the Windows installation media. You'll be asked whether or not you want to use the eGPU to start your system. If you don't see this screen, reboot and hold right shift to get into the boot menu.

DIYeGPU-Setup-110b5 is a free utility written in NativeBasic 6.3.1 and available for download from NBR for any x86 or x64 bit operating system.... Personally I have tried and used quite a few of these and the best one I've found so far is for The PC Gamer, which costs 49.99 from Amazon for example.... The PC Gamer boasts that it reduces the time it takes to boot up an external graphics system by half, and that you can completely turn off the Intel graphics system to...

But it's also worth noting that you could put a cheap GPU in here, save yourself $600 and fit a lot more power into your PC. If this is more like a jack-of-all-trades system then it might be worth looking at DIY top ten video card setups that would... The 3DMark Time Spy performance test showed no major performance differences between the systems. The only difference is that the new PCs video card was running on a higher clock rate, and it had a faster 1TB hard drive.... The XGP-10 is available for sale from MicroATX .... Almost every peripheral these days is storage...


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