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Salvat Ingles Bbc English Course 1976 1978

Salvat Ingles: A BBC English Course from the 1970s

Learning a new language can be challenging, but also rewarding and fun. There are many ways to learn a language, such as taking classes, reading books, watching movies, or using online platforms. However, some people may prefer a more traditional and nostalgic way of learning, such as using old-fashioned courses that were popular in the past. One such course is Salvat Ingles, a BBC English course that was published in Spain and Latin America in the late 1970s.

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What is Salvat Ingles?

Salvat Ingles is a series of books and audio recordings that teach English to Spanish speakers. It was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and published by Salvat, a Spanish publishing company. The course consists of 96 units, each with a book and a cassette tape. The books contain dialogues, exercises, grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, and cultural notes. The cassette tapes contain the audio of the dialogues, as well as pronunciation drills and listening comprehension tests. The course covers various topics, such as greetings, introductions, family, hobbies, travel, shopping, work, weather, and more.

Why was Salvat Ingles popular?

Salvat Ingles was popular for several reasons. First of all, it was one of the first courses that used authentic and natural English spoken by native speakers. The dialogues were recorded by BBC actors and actresses, who used different accents and expressions from various regions of the UK. The course also included cultural information about life in Britain, such as customs, traditions, history, geography, and literature. Second of all, it was affordable and accessible for many people. The course was sold in installments through newsstands or mail order. Each unit cost only a few pesetas or pesos, depending on the country. The course also came with a free record player or cassette player for those who did not have one. Third of all, it was entertaining and engaging for the learners. The course used humor, drama, and suspense to keep the learners interested and motivated. The dialogues featured characters with different personalities and backgrounds, who faced various situations and problems. Some of the characters became very popular among the learners, such as John and Mary Smith, a British couple who traveled around the world; Doug Case and John Milne, two journalists who investigated mysteries; or Timmy Jones, a young boy who had adventures with his dog.

What is the legacy of Salvat Ingles?

Salvat Ingles has left a lasting impression on many people who used it to learn English. Some of them still remember the dialogues and songs from the course, or have kept the books and tapes as souvenirs. Some of them have even shared their memories and experiences with Salvat Ingles on social media platforms or websites . Salvat Ingles has also influenced other English courses that came after it. For example, some of the dialogues and characters from Salvat Ingles were reused or adapted in other BBC courses, such as Follow Me or Muzzy. Salvat Ingles has also inspired some learners to create their own materials or projects based on the course. Salvat Ingles is a testament to the power of language learning to connect people across time and space.


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