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A Timeline

1995: Entered the world at a slender and delicate 9 lbs 10 oz.


1997: Turned into that little asshole toddler that ran off the pool deck RIGHT into the deep end of the neighborhood pool, sank to the bottom like a god damn bowling ball, then came up sputtering and laughing my chonky little ass off. My favorite thing ever was giving my mother and the lifeguards a collective heart attack. 

2000: Learned to swim (these lats have been growing since I was 5). *I did later have the opportunity to swim in college, but decided against it because I no longer wanted anything to do with being submerged in a 25 yard chlorinated concrete chamber of ear infections and shoulder problems. 

2000-2013: Swimming consumed entire life.

Fall 2013: Off to New Hampshire to A) get the heck out of Texas and B) study rocks. Why yes, I sure do have a Bachelor of Science in Geology! (it's working out really great for me).


Also Fall 2013: Had to find another way to move my body or I would go literally insane; into the university gym I went. I started blending my old dryland training from swimming with squatting, benching, and deadlifting, and general strength training.

2014: My job in college (it rhymes with mumu memon) gave me the ability to explore a lot of the fitness culture in New England, where I started working out at a powerlifting gym. Goals shifted to getting jacked and getting STRONG.

Summer 2017: Flew the college coop and moved to Montana to work with the Conservation Corps. Was very strong, but homie had no capacity to do anything other than lift something one or two times and then call it a day

A three hundred pound rock we get to use as stepping stone through a stream that can only move one inch at a time?!

Me me me!

A 15+ mile hike in to the backcountry with a 40+ pound pack on my back?

Fuck! Notmenotmenotme!

Winter 2017-2018: My time in the gym started reflecting what I needed to achieve for work; increased my aerobic work a little bit, but a big chunk of my time in the gym still focused on muscle building.

Winter 2018-2019: Fast forward another year with the Corps, and I knew seasonal life was not for me (happy to report my aerobic capacity increased tenfold and it was a MUCH smoother season). I got my personal training certification to start building my life and career in fitness.

Spring 2019: I was feeling a little stale and a little existential in my training and kept thinking to myself, "is this it? Is this what my fitness is going to look like for the rest of my days? But I'm kind of bored."

I felt like I needed a little more athleticism, a little more skill, a little... more. 

Spring 2019:  A friend asked me to be her partner in a CrossFit competition.

CrOsSfiT? But the PuLLuPs!

Spring 2019: The competition was SO FUN. I knew I wanted to start doing more of whatever that was even though it hurt like a bitch.

Fall 2019: A CrossFit gym in town brought me on board as their resident barbell lady to teach their athletes about powerlifting and strength building.


February 2020: L-1 CrossFit Trainer certification came; began that #coachlife.

2020-2021: ​CrossFit was the focus. Went from newbie to doing a competitive program that burned me out hard. I was injured all the time, had bad mental game, no longer enjoyed training. I started to miss JUST lifting and JUST working on getting stronger. I learned that was a huge component to my happiness in the gym. 

2021-2022: Took a little step back from CrossFit to do more of what I love; lifting, building, getting stronger. And I got BETTER at CrossFit because of it. 


I am the fittest I have ever been.

I firmly believe in a blend of all activity. 

I firmly believe that getting stronger should be a priority in everyone's training.

I am my strongest, most capable self after figuring out the happy medium between all three modes of training; powerlifting, bodybuilding, and functional fitness. 

I lift weights with intention to be strong + look good. I move my own bodyweight to be strong + look good, and I incorporate fun skill development to get my brain going and keep my training interesting. I get my heart rate up regularly because I value health and longevity and doing things outside of the gym with ease.

A few intentions I have for myself:

Get absolutely jacked. I want to be so built that I walk into the grocery store and people wonder if i'm either A) taking steroids or B) a professional athlete.

Give myself more time and space for creativity outside of building fun + effective workouts for people everywhere. I want to explore metal smithing, leather working, woodworking, and pottery. I also love writing and making people giggle through words (I have a blog about the stupid things people say to me because of my muscles; you should totally check it out on the menu at the top of the page.)

Other things about me that have literally nothing to do with fitness:

My greatest love outside of the gym is my car. She is a 4Runner and her name is Tina, after our lord and savior Tina Fey.

I like to drink my LaCroix at room temp. 

My favorite house plant is my marble queen pothos, her name is Meryl, after our second lord and savior Meryl Streep.

Cats > Dogs 

Pancakes > Waffles

Summer > Winter

Mountains > Beach 

Books > TV 

Coffee > Tea (please is this EVEN a question)

Chris Evans > Chris Hemsworth (fight me)

Chris Evans > Chris Pratt 

Chris Evans > Chris Pine

Chris Evans in Before We Go > Chris Evans as Captain America

(This sort of made me feel like I just wrote a dating app profile tbh). 

If you made it this far, WOW THANK YOU FOR READING I appreciate you so much. 


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