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Take your training to the next level

You are a beginner who needs guidance with strength training. 

You are an experienced lifter with specific goals.

You want to intentionally grow muscle but aren't sure where to start.

Fill out the application below to get started working with me directly and get personalized programming designed for YOU.

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Melanie Joy-Bruner, MBA

"As a coach, Margaret is exceptional. Her passion to help you get stronger combined with a wide-range of health knowledge makes her one of the best. Margaret took the time to listen to my goals, explored what my diet is like and customized a program to meet my desires. I am transforming! My whole body is back online and I am utilizing all of myself again."

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Carrie Corbett, Midwife

"Margaret has helped me hone in on exactly what I was looking to do with my body. She has confidently and humbly coached me the past six months, always willing to learn more about what works best for me and my body. She gets you where you want to go through hard word and consistency."

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Ann Marie, Conservation Non-profit Guru

"Margaret's approach in creating my fitness plan is incredible. She was intentional, encouraging and understanding of where I was and where I wanted to be. Her willingness to answer questions, work within my limitations, and present challenges has me in a healthier state than I’ve been this last year, both mentally and physically."

What you get with 1:1 Coaching

- A 1 hour initial meeting in which we go over your application and make sure I have all the info I need to get you on the right track.

- A structured program that reflects the time you are willing to invest at the gym and what your goals are. *This will come to you no later than one week after our initial meeting.*

- A bi-monthly 30 minute check in with me to talk about progress, questions you may have, movement progressions, what you are struggling with, and what is going well. 

- The opportunity to learn about your body, how it moves, what you want from it, and how to incorporate exercise and training into every stage of life.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, making improvements takes time. Getting stronger and building muscle is a long term goal, not a short term game; 4 weeks is barely enough time to scratch the surface of what you are capable of; for that reason, my minimum 1:1 coaching requirement is 3 months.


The 6 month and 1 year commitment options are available for those looking to make a lifestyle change through sustainable progress forward and a body composition change that will LAST. Turning yourself into a strong + capable athlete takes time.


After just 3 months of working with me, you will never look at your training or your body the same way again.

What does 1:1 Remote Coaching Cost?

  • 1:1 Coaching

    Every month
    3 Months

Not sure? Let's talk!
Schedule a free 30 minute consultation today

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